Average Teacher Salary in Hawaii

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Average Teacher Salaries in Nearby States

Financial Data for Hawaii

State Spending on Teachers

  • Salary expenditure on all teachers (including home schoolers, special education, non-certified teachers): $825,054,797
  • Benefits expenditures for teachers: $285,816,565
  • Instructional expenditures for teaching supplies: $95,675,875
  • Total current instructional expenditures per student (teacher salary and curriculum): $7,556
  • Total current expenditures per student: $12,465

Revenue Per Student From Various Sources

  • State revenue per student: $11,975
  • Federal revenue per student: $1,727

State Sources of Revenue for Schools

  • Revenue by state property tax: $-1
  • Revenue by local government property tax: $-1
  • Federal grants direct to local districts: $227,735,866
  • Federal grants through state: $33,023,982

Hawaii School Districts

School District Full Time Teachers Student to Teacher Ratio Contact Information
Hawaii Department Of Education 11,294 16 to 1
1390 Miller St
Honolulu, HI 96813