All About the Teacher Behind the Website

I know I am not like most teachers, but I am like some. I decided later in life to become a school teacher. I had been a newspaper publisher for years and then decided I wanted a more rewarding career. I had taught sunday school at our local church for years and I loved to work with the youth. So at age 35 I decided to go back to school and get my teaching degree.

That was when reality set in...

I would have to pay over $20,000 to get my degree so I could earn $30,000 less per year.

So here was the choice; do something I hate for the rest of my life, but make a decent salary.


Do something that I love but get paid very little money to do it.

I hated that I had to make such a decision.

So I started to do research about teacher’s salaries and found that they were different from state to state, and even from school district to school district. I found information all over the web and I soon realized that I needed to organize it so it made sense and that I could make an informed decision.

This website is the sum of my research on the subject of salaries for teachers and what can be done about making a decent living from teaching students.

Brad Flickinger, Computer Lab Teacher, Colorado