What is the average teacher salary in each state?

Now that is a great question and also a hard question. There is a lot more to making great money as a teacher than just finding the state with the highest average teacher salary.

I have composed a summary page for each state with lots of helpful information to help you make decisions.

Please click on the state below for the one page summary...

Here is what each page has...

Salary Range; this shows the range from a beginning teacher to the most experienced.

Average Teacher Salary; this is the average for the state.

Average Beginning Teacher Salary; shows where a teacher would start in this state.

Median houshold income; I included this to let you know where you fit in with the how much other people make.

Median house price; gives you an idea of how much it would cost to buy a house in the state.

Since each state can have dramatic changes from city to city I have included on each page a link to a cost of living calculator that will show you specifically how far your money with go in a particular city.

I then write a summary of each state about what you can expect as a teacher in that state.

I finish off each page with a list of websites of where I got the information for the page and other helpful links.