Grade-Specific Resources for the Science Teacher

One of the more challenging aspects of teaching is finding new and inventive ways to keep the kids motivated. Science can be a fun hands-on experience for all ages if you have the right tools. Use this guide to find websites and lessons for all different aspects of science for all different grade levels.

Grades K-2

The Solar System Hands on activities to learn about the solar system.

Science Lesson Plans for Kindergarten – Lesson plans for physical science including floating and sinking in water.

Kindergarten Science Objectives Science objectives for kindergarten including the five senses, animals, and water, sand, and soil.

First Grade Science - First grade science activities. Site includes information on organisms, and conserving natural resources.

Insect Science – A lesson on bug collecting and observation.

Grades 3-5

Webquest Activities - A website with several different inquiry based activities.

Third Grade Earth and Space - An activity to learn the relationship between the earth, moon, and sun.

Web Quest for Chicks An activity to learn about how an egg develops into a chick.

National Institution on Deafness – Activities to learn about sound and hearing.

The Great Plant Escape (4th grade) An introduction to plant science.

The Mineral Information Institute This includes several downloadable lessons for teaching about the Earth’s natural resources.

4th Grade Life Science – Lessons and activities for cell structure, plants and animals, and food production.

The Ecosystem (4th grade) Learn about a coral reef and Kelp forest.

Science Experiments (4th grade) A variety of different science experiments.

5th Grade Science Curriculum A list of topics covered in 5th grade science with additional websites.

Weather Webquest A Comprehensive lesson to learn all aspects of the weather and climate.

5th Grade Science Overview An overview of 5th grade earth, physical, and life sciences.

Science Lesson Plans – Several mini lesson plans for all aspects of science.

Physical Science (5th Grade) Chemical reactions and atoms

Space Science A list of links for lessons about space, the planets, and the universe.

Grades 6-8

6th Grade Solar System Lesson Plans Some lesson plans and links about the Earth and moon for the 6th grade.

Pollination (6th Grade) A lesson on the relationship between nectar, pollen, and pollination.

Physical Science (7th Grade) This includes several activities to learn about vision and light.

Life Science (7th Grade) An introduction to the scientific method while learning about aquatic habitats.

6th and 7th Grade Lesson Plans Several lesson plans on many aspects of science.

Physical Science (8th Grade) This includes several different lessons on many science topics.

Xtreem Science All about teaching 8th Grade Science.

Forces Motion and Energy Newtons’s Laws on Motion and the Forces of gravity and motion.

Hawk Watch International Lessons include classification of organisms, and conservation.

Science Lesson Plans An extensive list of lesson plans for all different aspects of science.

High School Science


High School Biology Lessons A comprehensive list of general biology lesson plans.

High School Biology  A list of links to several different biology lessons.


High School Physics Concepts A collection of over 200 single concept lessons.

High School Physics and Astronomy A list of links to several physics and astronomy lesson plans.


High School Chemistry Tools A website with tools for teaching chemistry.

High School Chemistry Several different lesson plans for different aspects of chemistry.

Earth Science

High School Earth Science- Greenhouse Gasses A lesson on Greenhouse gasses and the climate.

High School Earth Science A lesson to gain an understanding of earthquakes.