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Language Arts

Language arts involve reading, writing, comprehension and critical thinking. How well a student reads and comprehends influences their participation in school activities. Language arts studies promote strong communication skills.


History is the study of the past. Once students understand the past they are more likely to understand the present. Without knowing where man has been it is difficulty to understand the future of society. These history lessons combine exploration and discovery of the past.

Culture Studies

Cultural studies is the science of understanding society today. Different societies are studied and critiqued.


Government is an organization or a group of people that exercises authority locally, nationally or internationally. To understand what a country believes and stands for students must study government and politics. These lessons will help students understand how the government works on all levels.


Math is the study of numbers, their pattern and operations. It is the most taught subject in the world. Every career uses some form of basic math. Students that learn math have a greater chance to resolve complicated situations. Improve the math skills of your students with these fun educational lessons.


Science is the means of understanding the world. It is about students gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world. These lessons promote research and observation of different branches of science. With these lessons students will understand that science is all around them from cooking to watching television.


Health is the condition of a person s mind and body. Health studies cover the physical, mental and social well being of a person. Students will learn about careers in the health field and advanced aspects of the human body. There are lessons on life in general and improving overall health for students.


The human mind classifies art. Art is classified as art by the thoughts and emotions of the human brain. Art includes an array of creations such as music, sculpture, literature and paintings. These lessons touch on many categories of art to open the minds of students.