Pay Raises, Fewer Hirings for Several ISDs

San Antonio, Texas — Just last month, the Northside Independent School District was awarded with pay raises for their teachers and other personnel. A total of $11 million will be added to the district's salary budget next school year. Naturally, Northside educators welcomed the development. "I didn't anticipate any kind of raise. We just figured it would be kind of as is. We're kind of lucky that we had a job in that we had money coming in, so it's exciting to hear that." said Andy Bock, an elementary math teacher.

However, there won't be any pay raises for the current school year; there would also be much fewer hirings this year. In previous years, the district normally looks for an average of 1,000 new teachers. That number is down to 300 this year despite the fact that they're going to be opening five new schools.

In other areas such as the Northeast ISD, hiring less is also being done. "We are still hiring for next year. We need about 200 teaching positions. That definitely is less than years past. In years past, it's been 500 or more we were looking to hire." noted Deb Caldwell, the spokesperson of the district. Also, no pay hikes would implemented for this year. Next year, a pay freeze would be imposed on the teachers' salaries.

Some of the ISDs are looking into increasing wages for their staff and are retaining their usual hiring habits; namely San Antonio, South San, and Somerset. The Edgewood ISD offers its teachers a retention stipend in the middle of the year to make up for the absence of a pay increase.