Chicago Teacher Salaries Reach Six Figures in 2009

Chicago, Illinois — Surprise and concern welcomed the report of a good number of Chicago educators earning $100,000 or more in 2009. This definitely came off as unexpected as teacher salaries breaking into the six-digit mark is quite rare in the state and elsewhere in the country. Some expressed worry over the report as this certainly puts school budget and the overall state budget in a tight spot. Some taxpayers aren't taking this lightly; they have aired their discontent and challenged how much teachers are worth and the manner in which they are awarded raises.

In the more well-off areas of the city such as Deerfield and Highland Park, nearly half of the teachers received six-digit wages. The same can be said in Hinsdale and Park Ridge. Normally, those who specialize in U.S. history and art, biology, algebra, instrumental music, and physical education are among those who get $100,000 upwards. To fend off criticism, they reasoned that parents expect them to maintain their status as one of the nation's best; and the only way to stay competitive is to attract the top teachers using huge salaries.

Aside from the budget issues it causes, there are those who raised the subject of the growing disparity between the rich and the poor. Some districts have sought the aid of teacher unions to alleviate the state's alleged misuse of funds.