In the world of academia, there are only two types of people. The educator, and the student. The student's job is easy; learn and assimilate the information that is presented to you. On the other side, the task of an educator to present otherwise boring and monotonous information in an exciting, useable, and easy manner is one of the most difficult tasks a person can be charged with. Not only are there a multitude of different learning techniques to deal with, an educator has to make sure that the subject is appealing to anyone, and that every student that sits in their calssroom has the best opportunity to learn.

And with these educators, any help is welcome help. With the movement towards the Internet as a preffered medium over paper and pencil, the use of the blogosphere in the education aspect has transformed. Not only are more and more teachers using blogs as a supplement to teaching in the classroom, the benefits and unique teaching techniques that can be used are evolving everyday. Soon, the use of the internet, and more specifically a blog in everyday teaching will become as common as the class syllabus.

And to recognize these amazing teachers and the blogs that they maintain, we present to you our Top Teacher Blogs. Each of these educators have given their students a different medium in which they can learn. And they have done so in excelling and aspiring fashion. Our selected teachers are those that we feel have maintained some of the best teaching blogs on the internet. And we have recognized them here, each in a region specific category. So without further adieu, here are our Top Teacher Blogs, presented by Teacher Salary Info, as their hard work and dedication to teaching surely has not gone unnoticed.

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