Top PTA & PTSA Blogs, Midwest Region

Around the world, children are attending schools, opening books in order to open their minds. Learning not only quenches the mind of its thirst for knowledge, but it is the quintescential building block for advancement throughout life. And at the center of this important activity are teachers. They are the facilitators to help the world's children thrive. Yet, this underappreciated task goes unnoticed more often than not. Well, we here at Teacher Salary Info are taking charge by recognizing our teachers and the amazing job they do. With the advancements of education into the technology age, more and more teachers are taking their classrooms to the virtual realm. Teachers are now maintaining blogs not only for class discussions, but using the internet as a tool for homework, tests, and announcements. And so we present to you our award winning blogs that each have a unique perspective to give on education, and take the utmost care in ensuring that their children they teach excel in the world of academia.

So please join me in congratulating our Top PTA & PTSA Blogs, Midwest Region.

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Congratulations on being one of our Top PTA & PTSA Blogs, Midwest Region. Your blog was amazing in our eyes, providing your students and their parents with all of the necessary information required to succeed. We know that you will continue to keep up the amazing work you do in educating children. As a token of our appreciation, we present to you our awards badge. You can display this badge on your blog to signify your win, and to let your class know that you were recognized as a Top PTA & PTSA in your region!

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